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Poetry is the shadow cast by our streetlight imaginations.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (via observando)


Lawrence Ferlinghetti photographed by Grant Delin


Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan and Peter and Julian Orlofsky photographed by Ettore Sottsass, San Francisco,1965

Poetry is eternal graffiti written in the heart of everyone.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Americus, Book I

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poetry is a naked woman, a naked man, and the distance between them.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Poetry as Insurgent Art (via beryl-azure)


Lawrence Ferlinghetti

*inbox answer* What exactly is best poetry/the Beat Generation ? I've researched it a bit but I don't understand really what it is...


The original Beat Poets such as Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs, Ferlinghetti began writing poems that were modernist as well as postmodernist and I think for me The Beats are a bridge between modernism and postmodernism - The Beat Poets were the founders of the literary movement that began in the 1940s in NYC and progressed to the West Coast of California.

You can find a more detailed academic answer here about the origins of The Beat Movement/Generation, and what it was/is:

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